Why Content Is Important For SEO

Normally clients come to us as they realise or have heard/read that good content is a key part of their online strategy..but why?

Firstly put yourself in your own shoes. When you get to a website what makes you stay? Mostly it’s because you land on a page and the first key message talks to you and lets you know this site has what you are looking for.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a product or a service, all you want to know in the first few seconds is if this website looks like what you “Googled” for?

If you can’t see that key message chances are, you click that back button and go to the next website in the search results. However, if this website resonated with you straight away, your next action is to likely stay on this site a bit longer and see if this is in fact the right business for what you are searching for. From there the website design itself should take over with clear call to actions and have obvious visual cues for you to call, ask a question on chat or submit an enquiry.

Not only will a user staying on your site hopefully drive a decision to contact you but also provides a positive impact on your search ranking.

Content and Keywords

Trust me..GONE are the days of keyword dumping and hiding keywords in invisible text! Real, honest, informative, quality content is not only the way to really provide helpful information to you existing or potential clients but also allows you to incorporate your keywords within your content.

Think about why your keywords are your keywords? Because that’s what your clients are really looking for! If you genuinely provide that product or service and believe you really offer the best solution, let your content do the talking to convert potential customers.

Google really wants you to give your users a good experience!

 Correctly structured and informative content gives your website an easy to use, workflow and navigation and Google wants you to provide your customers with a one click step to get to the information they are looking for.

With the right content and navigation structure users will easily be able to find what they are looking for and are more likely to take action such as a call or submit an online enquiry!

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