So you have a great idea, how to correctly brief a web developer.

So you are ready to get that website organised, great! In this article we give you some guidance on how to correctly prep a website brief so you can get accurate quotations for your project.

A brief doesn’t have to be an essay but you will nee to have some key information for the developer:

Map out these question as a starting point:

  1. What is your business name? If that hasn’t been established yet that’s ok

  2. Explain your business model. ┬áProvide as much detail as possible – how you see the business goals short term and long term if possible.
    For example lets say you have developed a meal delivery service that you plan to offer on a subscription based model. Map out how the subscription works. Will there be a weekly, monthly, annual subscription offer? Can the customer upgrade and downgrade at any time, what are the inclusions of the different levels of the subscription etc. Perhaps the short term goal is to establish yourself in the local market as the premium service and long term you would like to franchise the business for example.

  3. Who is your ideal customer – who is looking for your product or service?

  4. List any competitors you are aware of. List what you think they are doing well or where you think you can offer improvement with your business idea

  5. How will you make money from the site? e.g selling product, subscription service etc.

  6. What can a customer do on your site? This could be as simple as filing out a contact from through to creating an online profile, uploading documents, accessing private areas of the website with locked down content etc.

  7. Do you have a time frame for the website?
  8. What is your budget range

Map it out

If you are not sure how to get the ideas from your head onto paper there are some great online tools:

Some of these tools available are:

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