As you probably know your home page is the first tool you have to immediately engage your potential new customers so heres a quick checklist for you to run through when looking at creating killer content for your home page

1) Tell visitors who you are and what you do immediately

I know this seems obvious but I’ve been to plenty of websites where its actually not crystal clear what the business is without having to sift through pages to see if they offer the service I am looking for. Lets say for example you are a cleaner. Are you specialising in domestic, commercial or strata cleaning or all of the above? Specifically what are the services you offer? Lay them out in bullet form as this is great for SEO too. Make sure you clearly state where you are located / areas you service

2) Why you?

Be crystal clear about why people would choose you over competitors. Heres your chance for a good elevator pitch to sell the advantages of using your business whether its price, experience, size of your team, certification etc

3) Make it quick and easy to take the next step

Once you’ve sold your business to this potential new client the next step is to make sure its obvious, easy and fast to get in contact. This could be using a combination or all of the below;

  • A quick quote form
  • Clear CTA (call to action) on the site in an obvious place such as the header along the lines of CALL US NOW for a free quote etc
  • Clear and obvious buttons directing them to fill out a contact form

4) Avoid clutter

Finally a home page should be engaging and not too wordy. Whilst its important to get all of the key information on the home page, using high quality engaging imagery with a mixture of punchy paragraphs and bullet points will allow for an aesthetically pleasing and engaging page. No one wants to have to read long blocks of text to find out about your business!