Your website developer wants your content..where do you start?

So your excited, you’ve finally got that idea up and running. You’ve snagged a great website developer they have presented a great design, they develop the framework and then…they ask wheres your content? OMG!

You think, no problem, I will get to that tonight, tomorrow, on the weekend..2 weeks have passed and you still have only written..Hi I am Joe and I am a builder..what else do they want from you??

For a lot of us its very hard to write about ourselves without sounding like a car salesman. However, without having your content ready to go you will find this will be the thing holding up your website from going live. Your developer gets impatient with you, you get impatient with them for not having a website delivered on time and its a vicious circle.

Enter..Content Connector!

This is where we come in, we work with you to understand the business, your clients, what they are looking for, how you provide that product or service and write content in an organic manner to connect with your customers as humans.

We can work with you and your web developer to be the middle man and take the stress out of those back and forth converstions!

Content should be an early consideration not the the last thought

The most important thing to consider when thinking about your website content is that it should be a key consideration as soon as you decide to proceed with your website.

As soon as you have someone working on your website design work with us to collaborate with you on your content so by the time you have approved your design and your developer asks you for the content, we have it ready to go..say goodbye to that go live roadblock!

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